Digital Joy

Microsoft & Intel's Windows Media Center Edition PC Ad Campaign  

Saw the end of one ad

Nov. 26 - I still have not seen an entire ad but I did catch the end of one.

Digital Joy Web Ad

Nov. 11 - I still have not seen the TV commercial but caught this while browsing the web.

I have not seen the commercials

Nov. 8 - YET! I have been very busy at work and have not caught it. My few readers must be very disappointed.

Picture of Digital Joy in Mall

Nov. 8 - Close up of the picture in the Blog.

Just $600? YES!

Nov. 7 - Don't let the price tag turn you off to the idea of a Media Center Edition PC. Low end devices will be on the market soon for $600 that don't include monitor or TV tuner CNET reports. The software is also available on disk if you buy hardware from OEM which can lower the price a lot as well.


Four Commercial Themes?

Nov. 7 - Discover the Joy has four basic sections. Each character has a theme. Annie for example is recorded TV, VOD. Will there be themes in the commercials?


Digital Joy is HERE!

Nov. 7 - There are three main sections to the site; a see-buy products page, demos or experience the joy and choose your system page. Overall not a bad website.

I would have liked to have seen PC Showcase. The only type of PC featured is HP's which are nice and include a nice variety but I would have liked to have seen more.


While you wait 3 (HP)

Nov. 6 - HP photo ads are pretty good too.

While you wait 2 (Intel)

Nov. 6 - The blue guys are a riot.

While you wait

Nov. 6 - Check out recent Microsoft TV and print ads.


Interpublic Group's Deutsch

Nov. 5 - Watch Quicktimes of Deutsch commercials in Reel.

First ad to air Sunday

Nov. 5 - On ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Digital Joy Website now LIVE

Nov. 5 - Was a parked domain page.


Preview of the Ads

Nov. 5 - Ad to include Annie, etc. marching.


Joy to the Digital World

Nov. 4 - Microsoft and Intel to air ads until Dec.


November 2004  

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